Nujax was founded in 2010 by artist Kyle Konin. It all started in Clearwater, Florida, when Kyle wanted a custom paintjob for himself. Years have passed since that first mask, and the company has transformed into a household name among the goaltending world. Over the past few years NUJAX has traveled throughout New England and the Midwest as we grow the company and expand our professional reach. Today Nujax is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our clients include Professional, College, Junior, Men's league and youth goalies all across the world.

Kyle Konin
Founder and airbrush artist

Kyle is best known for his attention to detail and unique style of work. Mixing his passions for street art, realism and pinstriping, he is able to deliver modern eye-catching designs that are packed with detail. Kyle has always had a passion for art and hockey, so naturally he combined the two and created what is now NUJAX. Kyle has been airbrushing goalie masks for nearly 10 years and has established himself in the hockey world through attending NHL conferences, working with industry leading brands and consistently delivering quality paintjobs.

Kyle Lavergne
Graphic Designer and Head of Marketing

Kyle Lavergne joined NUJAX to help with the painting process, as well as grow our network of goalies. A business major with skills in marketing and communications Kyle makes sure customers get the best experience possible. 

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